Thursday, August 28, 2014

Slimy Underbelly by Kevin J. Anderson

Slimy Underbelly (Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I.)

Not all zombies are obsessed with eating brains. Dan Chambeaux, for example, has kept his life much like it was when he was alive. He’s still a P.I., though he’s now set up in the Unnatural Quarter. He has the same girlfriend (she is also dead and now exists as a ghost). He’s also somewhat famous in that the new book trend is stories about the not so human folk. Dan does have to keep explaining he’s the REAL one or yes, that book series really is about him.  

A lighthearted kind of series even when dealing with the bad guys. Part noir, part camp. The three biggest cases in this story involve a child mad scientist, a nasty election between two weather wizards, and a famous opera star ogre’s stolen voice. Dan and his team face alligator men, garden gnomes, a tentacled realtor, and some crazy weather. 

Books being turned into an unnecessary series has been one of my biggest pet peeves. Here I welcome a series. In a world full of crazy undead beings there is plenty of room for more investigations.

* Disclaimer: I received this book at no cost in order to review it. I offered no guarantee of a positive review, though I only request books I think I'll like because why read a book you think you’ll hate?